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Todd Kallhoff, Founder and President of the Pond Guy, Inc. has built hundreds of decorative and ecologically sound ponds since 1988. He personally designs every water feature using knowledge he has acquired from attending national seminars and classes over the years on everything from stone to aquatic biology. Todd has perfected the art of creating a natural ecosystem within every pond and is considered by many to be the regional expert in water feature construction.

Todd’s ponds, waterfalls, and streams not only bring the soothing sounds of water to your home; they also raise your property value, unlike pools and hot tubs. The micro ecosystem that evolves within your pond also offers an excellent source of outdoor education for your family and friends.

The Pond Guy frowns on and discourages the use of any chemicals in his ponds. He prefers the more natural approach of balancing the ecosystem with plants, landscaping, fish, and other aquatic life that all compliment each other. As a result, the amount of time needed to maintain the pond is reduced which maximizes your time to enjoy your pleasant garden oasis.

While many local landscapers claim to be proficient at all aspects of landscape construction, Todd is a specialist. As the area’s only landscape contractor focusing solely on water feature construction, customers can be assured of not only unparalleled craftsmanship but also intricate attention to detail.

The newest trend in our industry is the “pond less” waterfall. These waterfalls bring the sights and sounds of an oasis without the maintenance or space requirements of a pond. They are considered safer than ponds in both residential and commercial settings because there are no “deep” areas of water. Households with children especially appreciate the ability to relax near these waterfalls without worry for the safety of their children or of how to find time to perform maintenance. Many of our customers have added pond less waterfalls to the front of their homes, vacation properties and even given them as gifts.

Whether yours is a fully shaded property or one baked by the sun, The Pond guy can create a perfect outdoor landscape. Each pond, stream, and waterfall is custom built, eliminating the “out of the box” look of many filtration systems and current construction trends. So contact The Pond Guy for your consultation today.

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