What do I do with the pond in the winter?

Some ponds can run year round. Shutting your pond down for the winter just involves removing your pump and storing it in a bucket of water. Then plugging in a floating tank heater.

Will my fish live through the winter?

Yes, most ponds are built 18-24″ deep which is usually deep enough if a floating heater is used to keep a hole open in the ice. The hole is for oxygen / ammonia transfer.

Are ponds expensive?

Ponds and pondless waterfalls cost about the same as a small Hot Tub.

Do pondless waterfalls require maintenance?

 Very little, just fill em up with water. An autofill is available that your sprinkler contractor can install. If Algae becomes a problem, simply turn it off overnight to kill the green stuff.

Why does my pond have algae and turn green?

There are two things that cause algae: sunlight and nutrients within the water. Floating plants will shade the water and lower its temperature. These plants will also consume the nutrients in the water that the algae feeds on. Natural bacteria will also feed on these nutrients, which in turn provides clear water.

More questions?

Send us an email at Thepondguy@cox.net or give us a call at 402-934-POND (7663)!

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